Baltimore Hustlers/Claws Fan Memories

MEMORIES OF HENRY RYTO: "I saw a Baltimore Claws exhibition game. It was a Claws-Squires game in Salisbury, MD. What's noteworthy is that the Claws folded soon after this game. I remember that Virginia led all the way. The Squires wore their black road uniforms, while the Claws wore the bright red ones pictured on the web page. The scoreboard in the old Salisbury Civic Center building (which burned down around 1979) had only two digits, leading people to complain about it when the score went over 100. As I recall, the Squires had already trimmed their roster, while the Claws had a slew of players in uniform."

MEMORIES OF STEVE NORFOLK: "I'm originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I remember the ABA coming to Baltmore in 1975.  The player that I remember the most was from Baltimore's Dunbar High School.  His name was Skip Wise. I attended Baltimore City High School and played against him. He was an untouchable player in high school, and then at Clemson.  He was Dr. J before there was Dr. J.  I spoke to a player that attended Clemson just after Skip (Jumpin' Joe Ward).  He told me that his coach at Clemson wouldn't let the players watch films of Skip, telling them they would not be able to duplicate his moves."

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