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John Brisker was an ornery but talented player for the Pittsburgh Condors.  Early during the 1971-72 season, he promised to lead the ABA in scoring, or knock out all opponents who guarded him if he couldn't do it.

When the Utah Stars visited Pittsburgh for an early season game, Willie Wise held Brisker to just four points in the first half. Brisker then scuffled with several Utah players, and tempers flared before the game was over.

On November 4, 1971, the Condors visited Salt Lake City, and Stars' management arranged "John Brisker Intimidation Night." Ensign Ritchie explained it this way in that night's game program (above left):

"Not that anyone on the Utah Stars team fears John Brisker. But just in case the husky, sometimes ill-tempered, Pittsburgh Condor forward gets out of line tonight the Stars' management has taken steps to keep all in control. Surrounding the court tonight will be five of the top boxers the Intermountain Area has ever produced. For tonight is 'John Brisker Intimidation Night' and it is the intention of the Stars to turn the tables on the high scoring Condor. Tonight it is Brisker who is on foreign soil and with the likes of Ron Lyle, Bill Daniels' professional boxer from Denver, Don and Gene Fullmer, Rex Layne and Tony Doyle standing in the wing, best he doesn't get far out of line."

Matt Roblez (whose memories appear on the Utah Stars history page) says that nothing happened at this game, but it was an interesting spectacle with the boxers lining the court, and Brisker behaving himself for once.

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