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This was one ABA promotion that truly lived up to all expectations. On October 17, 1973, the Denver Rockets held what they described as the "First Halter Top Night in Pro Sports History." As it turned out, it may have been the ONLY Halter Top Night in Sports History.

The team's promotional materials explained the historic occasion this way: "On Halter Top Night, EVERY lady wearing one of the currently popular halter tops and accompanied by a paid admission will be allowed to see the Rockets-Stars game free. All halter-top clad gals will receive a free ticket right next to their escort! To add to the fun on Halter Top Night, all women in halter tops will be invited to come onto the court during halftime to be judged in several different categories with prizes to be awarded to the winners. So, girls, don't put away your halter tops for the winter just yet!"

The excitement of Halter Top Night can really be appreciated only by viewing the color photos of the event.

In the two photos above, the most "hip" ladies in Denver assemble at mid-court to show off the latest in halter top outfits. This is what you might call a classic 1970's moment.

In the bottom two photos, the winner of the "Best Looking Girl in a Halter Top" category has been chosen by fan response. The Rockets' PA Announcer gives the winner her well-deserved prize, while several Rockets ballboys look on with ... great interest.

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