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Because the ABA recognized the three-point shot, many ABA games had fantastic finishes. However, none was more improbable than the one that occurred in Denver on the night of January 8, 1975. For former Nugget Claude Terry, it was the most memorable game of his career. In 1991, he described it this way to Donna Carter of the Denver Post:

"I'll never forget it. We were down 128-125 against the San Antonio Spurs. Ralph Simpson had taken a shot with about 11 seconds to go and the ball tipped off the rim and was going out of bounds (photo above left). Simpson saved it back to me, and I shot a three-pointer with about 3 seconds to go, and hit it. Back then, the clock stopped in the last minute. Swen Nater of the Spurs thought time was out, and the game was tied and going into overtime. He flipped the ball back in bounds right to Bobby Jones and Bobby just kind of threw it in quickly. We scored five points in three seconds to win."

Jones' unlikely layup touched off a wild on-court celebration for the Nuggets. In the photo below left, Nuggets coach Larry Brown hugs Jones (at left), while Terry (middle) still cannot believe the incredible ending. In the photo below right, Denver assistant coach Doug Moe celebrates along with Jones, Ralph Simpson, and Fatty Taylor.

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