Scheduled Throwback Games:

January 26, 2012 Grizzlies at Los Angeles Clippers (both to wear ABA throwbacks)
February 12, 2012 Utah Jazz at Grizzlies
February 15, 2012 Grizzlies at New Jersey Nets (both to wear ABA throwbacks)
February 18, 2012 Golden State Warriors at Grizzlies
February 29, 2012 Dallas Mavericks at Grizzlies
March 16, 2012 Toronto Raptors at Grizzlies

The Real McCoy -
Original 1972-73 Tams Uniform

The NBA Version -
2011-12 Grizzlies Throwback

The 1972-74 Memphis Tams -
In Action

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Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol & Co. will wear the uniform of the 1972-74 Memphis Tams.

The only connection between the Grizzlies and the Tams is geographical.

The Tams logo was the strange tam-o-shanter seen above, but the name "TAMS" was actually supposed to convey that the team would represent each of [T]ennessee, [A]rkansas and [M]ississippi. In fact, the early marketing materials for the Tams referred to them as "The Mid-South's Basketball Team."

The Tams were owned by Charles O. Finley, also the owner of the Oakland A's - thus explaining the unique yellow, green and white colors. The Tams wore these colors in every possible combination. However, the NBA Grizzlies will wear only the combination involving the yellow shirt and green shorts.

Despite their famous owner, the Tams were one of the ABA's most troubled and bizarre franchises. They played during the 1972-73 and 1973-74 seasons. After that, the ABA finally took over the struggling team and placed it under new ownership, as the Memphis Sounds.