Scheduled Throwback Games:

February 11, 2012 Los Angeles Clippers at Bobcats (both to wear ABA throwbacks)
February 22, 2012 Indiana Pacers at Bobcats (both to wear ABA throwbacks)
March 9, 2012 New Jersey Nets at Bobcats (both to wear ABA throwbacks)
March 23, 2012 Milwaukee Bucks at Bobcats
March 30, 2012 Denver Nuggets at Bobcats

The Real McCoy -
Original 1968-70 Carolina Cougars Uniform Closeup

The NBA Version -
2011-12 Bobcats Throwback

The 1969-71 Carolina Cougars -
In Action

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The Bobcats will wear the 1969-71 Carolina Cougars home uniform.

After moving to North Carolina from Houston, the Cougars used this jersey for their first two seasons. The Cougars were one of the "regional" franchises popularized by the ABA - the team split its home games between the cities of Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro.

After the 1970-71 season, the Cougars switched their colors to green and blue, and their uniforms adopted a more stylish and modern look. Most Cougars fans remember the team playing in these later uniforms, so it is unclear why the NBA chose the earlier version for the Bobcats.

Cougars stars who wore this uniform were Doug Moe (#34, at left photo) Bob Verga (#11, at above right photo & below left photo), and Joe Caldwell.