Scheduled Throwback Games:

February 11, 2012 Spurs at New Jersey Nets (both to wear ABA throwbacks)
February 18, 2012 Spurs at Los Angeles Clippers (both to wear ABA throwbacks)
March 31, 2012 Indiana Pacers at Spurs (both to wear ABA throwbacks)

The Real McCoy -
Original 1970-71 Texas Chaparrals Uniform

The 2012 Version -
2011-12 Spurs Throwback

The 1970-71 Texas Chaparrals -
In Action

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Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili & Co. will wear the home uniform of the 1970-71 Texas Chaparrals.

The Dallas Chaparrals (also known as the "Chaps") are the direct predecessor to the San Antonio Spurs.

Because of attendance and other problems, the team moved from Dallas to San Antonio after the 1972-73 season. After a "name the team" contest was held in the summer of 1973, the winning entry was "Spurs."

It is interesting to note that during the 1970-71 season, the Chaparrals were a "regional" team with home courts in Dallas, Lubbock, and Fort Worth. Only during that season, the team was known as the "Texas Chaparrals."

It makes sense that the NBA has chosen this particular Chaps season for the 2012 Spurs throwbacks - for all other seasons, the Chaparrals had the name "Dallas" on their home and road uniforms. If the Spurs wore a jersey with the name "Dallas" on the front, you can imagine the reaction of Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks.

A clever and creative move to honor Spurs history and the Dallas/Texas Chaparrals - nice move NBA!