Scheduled Throwback Games:

January 21, 2012 Philadelphia 76ers at Heat
January 22, 2012 Milwaukee Bucks at Heat
February 5, 2012 Toronto Raptors at Heat
March 6, 2012 New Jersey Nets at Heat (both to wear ABA throwbacks)
March 7, 2012 Atlanta Hawks at Heat
March 26, 2012 Heat at Indiana Pacers (both to wear ABA throwbacks)

The Real McCoy -
Original 1970-72 Floridians Uniform

The NBA Version -
2011-12 Heat Throwback

The 1970-72 Floridians -
In Action

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LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh & Co. will wear the home uniform of the 1970-72 Floridians.

The only connection between the Heat and the Floridians is geographical.

As most ABA fans know, the Floridians were a fun team to watch, but their ball girls were even more popular.

In 2012, and back in 2004 (when the Heat wore the road version of this jersey), the NBA has doggedly persisted in adding the name "Miami" to the front of this jersey.

This seems silly - as seen from the actions shots to the left, the original had no such designation. This due to the fact that the ABA Floridians represented each of Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville and St. Pete (and actually played in each of these cities). In fact, the official name of the ABA team from 1970-72 was "The Floridians," not the "Miami Floridians." This particular ABA uniform was unique and memorable precisely because the front had no team name. Finally, today's NBA fans certainly don't need to see the word "Miami" to recognize the Heat.

Come on NBA - you don't need the word "Miami" to sell these throwbacks!